LUCY poster

1) SuperHuman is as SuperHuman does. action is her only reality. she gets it done… by any means available… straight up Absolute Opportunity Perspective in perpetual motion

2) the normal, scared female taught herself VERY QUICKLY how to do what she did. she didnt have anyone around to tell her how to do it… she had to SELF-LEARN in the experimental experiential HIGHLY-INTERACTIVE process of all of it happening. with her ABSOLUTE INTERNAL perspective, she was self-learning at a tremendous rate because her new reality depended on it. straight basic survival at the whole next level…

3) rapid adaptation is critical to her mission. because she is never ready for whatever happens next, she has no in-built hesitation to do whatever arises in the next moment… no self-critical filter to muddy the inner signal to respond with ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY in each moment. straight Presence in full-interaction

4) Gigajoule speed is real. Presence moving thru Existence at higher speeds and finer frequencies is a basic part of each available human experience. as each of us becomes more present and self-expressive, the speed of thought gives way to Faster Than Thought. at Gigajoule speed, the elements of thought become more apparent BEFORE thought itself forms. once a person experiences Gigajoule, nothing is ever the same again… thoughts cannot anchor themselves in Presence

5) as she developed, she becaome omni-dimensional and omni-sensory. her senses lit up like BAM BAM BAM… her holographic acuity became a primary feature of her perception. always beginning INSIDE herself and projecting OUTWARD with maximum authority and certainty. straight OPPORTUNITY machine

6) she used her holographic acuity to gain conscious control of and expansion into matter. with this conscious expansion, everything connected became instantly available. there was no real learning period for her… she simply did it as it happened inside her… straight instinct. turned WAY on

7) Gigajoule speed is faster than thought. it unifies the perceived time continuum. it is the doorway to Kairos time… God Time

8) imagination rules experience. Lucy rapidly gained formerly unimaginable gifts, senses and skills that were beyond her very imagination… imagine it and it shall become. capabilities lead your imagination. pretty simple

9) Elements combine into Form. when her hand changed into all those forms… her control over the elements was guided by inherent intelligence. there was no one around to teach her

10) being “human” WITH humanity changes as her inner consciousness becomes greater. this increased consciousness elevated her from Human dimension thru Global then finally to Cosmic. her notions of consciousness itself, interaction and compassion had to change if she would remain intact and capable… motion and change in action. self-evident