About Kaleo Selah - Lead Coach

Kaleo Selah is an American permanent resident based in Adelaide, Australia. Kaleo is a graduate of Stanford University, a corporate pioneer and a former professional athlete. He is a successful public speaker, author, musician, life transition coach and business owner. He combines years of training in corporate, educational and personal development into an effective consultative framework that invokes energetic performance in teams and individuals. In addition to working with individuals from all walks of life, his professional experience includes working with entrepreneurs, non­profits, start­ups, high-tech, and government.

The diversity of Kaleo’s background, experience and skills allows him to move freely between the business, entertainment and energy worlds seamlessly, bringing a unique contribution with him. He is at ease in all of these environments, and able to navigate the particulars of each with grace and appeal. In short, people across the board are consistently drawn to Kaleo, even if they can’t explain why. His experience and skills includes:

•   Band leader / Singer / Songwriter / Music Production

•   Actor / Model

•   Voice­Over / Audio Book

•   Energy Practitioner

•   Life Transition Coach

•   Book Author

•   Entertainment Business & Talent Management

•   Project Management in Banking, Internet, Entertainment and Insurance Industries

Kaleo's diverse background and extensive training make him the perfect "next step" for people who want something more out of life. Working from a "holistic energy" perspective, Kaleo's primary focus is to help clients re­integrate the passion and highest ­available quality of life into every­day activities. Kaleo's clients overwhelmingly report increased happiness and satisfaction with their lives after working with him.

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