ALLUREMENT IS IMMEDIATE - SELF EVIDENTQ: Kaleo, why is it that I feel so comfortable telling you the details of all my issues while I won’t even share even the slightest detail with my husband, sister or best friend? Why do I tell you intimate things immediately even though we have never met? I love working with you. Payment is on its way.

A: Allurement is the energy that is bringing us together. Open, honest and willing to hear each other thru the language of universal allurement ENERGY that fuels our words. That’s it. That’s the only thing that’s going on here. It’s really this simple. Allurement absolutely runs EVERYTHING and you are letting it work FOR you instead of resisting it.

Open communication with a stranger in another land is quite often MUCH easier than talking with those you know well.

You are learning very real, deep lessons right now about how your heart works. Instead of working thru normal thought and relying on your over-analytical brain, you have opened your heart with me. And I accept. Fully.

Perhaps the best part of my open-ended consultive style is that the marketing and sales process itself actually begins the work before you ever send any money. My words carry my energy. My sales words carry the same energy as my paid practitioner words. I know you already know this. I know you can feel my authenticity and willingness to explore your adventure as a REAL co-discovery partner rather than a so-called guru who sells you an inconceivable “listen to me” canned pipe dream.

I am pleased by our full-disclosure private msg communication over the past 30 hours. We are moving VERY quickly. The evidence of our connection is clear and present. Energetic service is my passion. Movement and transformation is what I do.

Your subtle energy body feels our connection thru allurement as real from the very beginning and right now. Our intimate bond is increasing as we type each word and imagine potential opportunities coming real.

This is just the beginning
Our work has already begun
Yeah, I dig what we are doing together. A lot….