Q: Kaleo, when one has a psychologically learned response (hebbian learning) to a certain way they approach something – like how I train in dance – what happens to old synapses (connections ) in the brain? How do new ones form and how are they strengthened, in an anatomical /neurological explanation?

A: check it out sister. it’s the same learning context with different content. so when you learned to dance by mastering mental techniques, you use the same mental learning context to learn different techniques. the learning context remains intact while the content shifts to a different focus.

when you learn to train according to the different techniques, your contextual learning process remains the same. as long as you have actually learned how to learn, your current learning context is sufficient to learn.

if your learning context was artificially designed by outside stimulus (parents, coaches, society. etc..), you must re-learn how to learn on your own… without the external inputs. this is the place that most humans find themselves when they want to let go of their past and venture into new experiential terrain. this requires self-direction and it is solely up to you. no one can give you self-direction because it is wholly yours and nobody else’s. self-direction is what you demand of yourself when all else tells you that your direction is wrong or lacking.

self-direction is the hardest thing for humans to learn. self-direction is what everyone wants but nearly no one is willing to accept. self-direction is a process of becoming real to yourself no matter what others think about you or your life direction. it is so difficult because others around you will always influence your decisions… and all your decisions will happen in each moment of your life. you can NEVER escape the influence of others as long as you are in your body… on this planet… sooo you MUST develop the inner strength of self-direction that constantly goes against the will of others. this is our 51/49 reality that says “at least 51% of your strength
(attention) must go toward your self-direction while at-most 49% of your strength (attention) goes toward the will of others”.

once your strength goes toward your 51% internal, you are free. this is because 51% is equivalent to 100% at any given time. you either give all your strength and attention to others OR you give all your strength and attention to yourself. there is no middle ground here. there is no wriggle-room. it’s either one or the other… and YOU must make the choice in each moment of your life.

now for the part about neurons and synapses…. neurons and synapses are what make up the physical part of your brain. your brain is controlled by your mind. your mind is controlled by your intention. so once you make your new intention, your mind tells your brain to release the old synapses and neurons AND create new synapses and neurons.

once your old physical brain connections receive the message to RELEASE and LET GO, they will fight for their life… for they are indeed alive and they know their own life-cycle intelligence. so they will not just release and let go just because they have been told to do so… no, they will fight for their life just as anything alive will fight for its own life.

so we have to coax them to let go and ALLOW the new pathways to give birth. just think of the mother who is pregnant and doent want to give birth BECAUSE she is pregnant. her belly is full AND she doesnt want to do what it takes to let her baby come out… she doesnt wanna push or scream or go thru the pain of letting the baby come out even though she is hating the pain of the baby growing inside her. this is the oxymoron of our work. this is the crux of the shift between higher and lower realities. this is what each of us must do it order to make our own re-birth a reality… in real life….
so neurons are just like that. they dont wanna move to the nxt step BUT they intrinsically know if they dont, they will die a painful horrible death. coaxing them is just like coaxing a pregnant woman… you just have to let them know that it’s ok and everything will be ok as long as they go with the program…. and then new neurons (babies) will come forth like majik…. just as the doctor ordered….