Q: Kaleo, I’ve been having this tangible experience lately that if any “one” of us pursues any kind of healing, the whole is healed. Two dear friends go to Puru to take Ayahuaska, they see their demons over seven nights of hellish torment, and when they get back, *my* demons are gone. I wonder if people are really getting how literal Universal Oneness is?

A: yes fellow dragon warrior, this is how it is… it’s always been this way. the proverbial “They” who are in charge of the human organizational hierarchy have successfully convinced us over hundreds of thousands of years that separation is real. and they have enforced separation with every tool imaginable and at each crossroad of life.

as each one of us wakes up to the truth inside, it automatically agitates the whole web of life according to our always-on Universal Vibration… we are each carrying an individualized singular perspective of the same unified existence. this singular perspective is your own Resident Resonant Frequency. through our personalized Resident Resonant frequency, we are each connected to the unified universal existence that always vibrates with the Universal Vibration whether any of us is aware of it or not.

discovering this unified Universal Vibration as “string theory” or “entanglement”, quantum physics is hitting on this holographic/dimensional reality pretty hard right now… and whether you call it a string or Love or God or Divine Awareness or Silence, it always comes up with the same answer…


BECOMING RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ENERGY IS ALL ABOUT INTENTION AND AWARENESS. energy moves and interacts according to the laws of Attention, Attraction and Attachment… and this is all about ALLUREMENT. “ALLUREMENT” is the stickiness of the universe. it is the basis of all known and unknown forces. allurement is the baseline operative function of all known and unknown sensory activation.

ALLUREMENT is the universal intelligence in action. no one can ever make it go away and no one can ever resist it. ALLUREMENT is what runs everything everywhere on all dimensions.
as any of us moves our own energy and makes space for “something different from somewhere else”, the entire fabric of interconnected existence moves with us.

the key to happiness and utility is to move your personal energy with intention and purpose to make best use of your individual perspective on universal allurement. this is the universal power of One that resides and vibrates inside each of us… and this is what “holding the Christ energy and “ascension awareness” and “enlightenment” is all about.

intentionally resonating with your own personalized allurement automatically activates your connection to the Universal Vibration. it is the most literal thing any of us can ever experience… it’s all an intellectual academic head game until it becomes real.

going with the flow is all about you-being-yourself regardless of the fears and doubts you face. every breakdown will cause a breakthrough, guaranteed. in this deep shadow work we continue to do together, tangible experience always trumps words of any other… cool. glad youre rockin’ up there sister! keep it up… Im feeling ya’… right now.