Q: Kaleo, what is cosmic orgasm?

A: cosmic orgasm occurs when we are centered in our body AND connected to the center of the earth AND connected to the center of the galaxy. when we are connected and integrated in this way, the energy that flows thru you is the energy that enlivens the earth and the galaxy and the universes. this is when you can experience oneness with All.

in cosmic orgasm, the continuous vibration that you emit is the vibration that brings life to everything in the interconnected universe. the feeling that comes from this integrated connection is like nothing else.

cosmic orgasm is way way way above any physical orgasm. it is a feeling indescribable thru words… this post does not do it by any means… nevertheless, I continue to type as I feel… right now.

in order to bring this integration about, you need to release all connection to “that which is not you”. this means that you will make efforts in a different way, making your new home in a place deep inside yourself that is perhaps now seen as foreign and hostile and inhospitable to you. in this deepest place you will indeed find your new home. first thru meditation and then thru more real-life practical experiential and intentional-living practices, you will become more and more comfortable in this place of deeper resting. “effort” becomes effortless… “discomfort” becomes comfortable… fear becomes truth.

this is the place of your truest reality. this is the place where you belong. this is the place of your deepest connection with “all that is”… on all planes of existence and in all time… where there is no-time and no-thing. this is the place where silence and beingness reign supreme always. when you arrive here, you will know.

this connection is experiential. it does not come about by reading and intellectualizing and pondering. words alone will never describe what happens here. it happens deep inside you where no-light and no-thing exist as only a faint distant memory within the “your” that you sorta seemed to once be.

once you enter this realm of cosmic orgasm and universal connectedness, there is no escape. there is no return. your life as you once knew it is over. kaput!

so I say this, cosmic orgasm is the thing that everyone wants and needs in their lives. and the paradox of this natural state of being is that no amount of “wanting” or “needing” or “effort” will ever bring it about. this is the state of complete surrender and allowing and abject vulnerability that brings forth majikal interactions that are not of this world and are not of your mind. these are not mindful creations manufactured by “bringing them to you” or by “making them happen”. no, quite the contrary… these are merely happenings-thru-beingness that occur thru you and flow uncontrolled and unabated as you know deeply within yourself to be a perfect vessel for cosmic divine energy to flow thru… not keeping anything for yourself… and not being kept for any other purpose.

this is the meaning of cosmic orgasm and this is the meaning of service. and it happens whenever you connect deeply into your interconnected self. period. you can’t break it or sever it or lose it. ever. never ever.

cosmic orgasm does not happen outside your deepest self AND it reverberates thruout your entire body and being and thru the entire interconnected system of universes. this is what it means to be truly connected to All. this is what it means to be integrated with everything that vibrates.

as you learn to connect deeply within, you will come to experience all the things that you only heard about from certain others in the past. in fact, your past will become present and your present will become eternal. now is the only time in cosmic orgasm.

cosmic orgasm is the deepest connection you have to the available humanity and universal power that currently surrounds you. this is your birthright and this is indeed the way to living a life that really really matters. and it is achievable with the mindset that allows for such things to occur.

I have helped countless others make this their reality and I can help you. however. whenever… it is made real when you want it to be real. you are well on your way… right now. good for us. All.

DN8v.3 is cosmic orgasm
get some. right now.