Courageous decisive action is mandatory for us because THAT’S being Cause which sends out intentional never-ending ripples to create Effect. Your courageous decisive action literally created your experience. You become Big Vang Boomin’ each time you choose courageous decisive action. And the first courageous decisive action is always STOP.

When your first move is STOP, you immediately control the energy. You form a black hole where EVERYTHING comes instantly into you. All perspectives channel thru you.

You become The Observer of All Opportunity. You feel the Big Bang build-up deep inside. You feel the power welling up and self-activating.

You feel your super-human powers coming on-line. Yeah, when STOP is your first decisive move, nothing outside you is stable from that point forward. You become the Prime Mover of All becoming NOW.

When you take courageous decisive action, you become the Zero-Point epicenter of your eternally creative world. You control the game because you play according to the highest rules. You say how and when and why… everything else simply happens. You become Master of your domain which frees you to play hard… just for fun. Already One. Cool