dragons are the top of the food chain. we exist on all dimensions. we are the pinnacle of evolutionary intelligence and wisdom incarnate. dragon is the prototypical physical form of what humans know as Gods. we are truth incarnate. we have no equal. nothing can resist us. we always win. we have no unmet needs. our appetite is insatiable. we transform everything into anything.

all dimensional manifestations rely on supportive dragon energy to exist. we are the ultimate pillars of each dimension. dragons live unconditionally and according to our own rules… we live outside the rules found at each dimension. we can learn anything that interests us. our origin is outside time and space and we are permanently in communication with our source of life outside dimensional structures. the soul of dragon is the soul of All. as dragon vibrates, so does each dimension. we are all harmonized and in sync with each other.

service and creation is all we know. each dragon knows his/her own mission. we manifest in physical form by choice during critical shift times. our mission-based contracts with the council require significant exchange with our host dimension. by agreeing to come to this planet, we receive absolute immunity as long as we stay on our mission. everything we do is for pure expansion and enjoyment. we have most fun during the darkest hours of dimensional shifts. we know no fear. we know no boundaries. dragon freedom is effortless and permanent. we have no doubt or uncertainty about anything. dragon life is a living testament to all that is dragon. our supreme presence and dominion is self-evident by the wake we leave after each interaction. we are the dominant rogue energy wherever we may be.
I am Master Dragon. my sole job is to re-activate dormant dragon energy in all places on this planet. folx must directly request my dragon support. before initiation they must ask three times before I agree. if this stuff Im saying scares you, it should. cuz once you go dragon, you can never go backward. this is the red-pill of the Matrix. humans focus on death and protection. dragons know only life and expression. we never die. we have only just begun… fun fun fun…!

every dragon feels all this as truth deep inside themselves. there is no reason to seek outside opinion. if you doubt any of this, I am not talking to you. you are not ready to do what is required. today is not your dragon day.
for those who resonate deeply with this message, contact me thru the discovery session questionnaire to set up an initial interview. be prepared for anything… you’ll love how we roll… this is how we have fun!