Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What exactly does this work focus on? +

A. Integrating unconscious patterns for beneficial life application. Eliminates confusion and doubt. Provides certainty. New perspectives bring new life. Radical cognitive enhancement. Uncommon demonstrated power and freedom. Not just reading theories and wishful talking about it. Courage. Confidence. Charisma. Powerful communication. Absolute opportunity perspective. Infinite observer perspective. Take on new challenges with uncommon boldness. Discover and use your unique voice. Identify your essential passions. Mobilize your life mission. Unlock a fixed mindset. Embrace a growth mindset. Develop necessary elements for a purposeful life. Titanium foundation. Take the masks off. See the underlying stories. Scrub the layers of paint down to the steel.

Q. What’s special about your coaching program? +

A. All the work we do together has practical application to daily life. All aspects of your life will be affected in a powerful and positive way. The clarity that arises from our simple approach becomes your new normal. Our practice becomes your new life. Everything we do together is based on our 5M method. Taking new action toward challenging life as a series of interconnected experiments is the foundation of our practice.  

Q. What is the difference between performance coaching and counselling? +

A. Although there is a perceived overlap in method and operation, the difference between our work and counselling is direction of focus. Whereas counselling tends to focus on a particular issue or an acute current life problem (external problem focus), our work focuses on developing you as an integrated person (internal opportunity focus). Our internal focus trains you to reconnect with life from your new silent centre. Working from this new centre as a lifelong practice, you will be able to effectively manage diverse challenges using a simple proven method that works better over time.

Q. What is the difference between performance coaching and teaching or educating? +

A. Our coaching is a lifelong integrated practice. It is hands-on, integrated and practical. It is not merely intellectual, theoretical or book learning. Whatever you learn in our sessions will have immediate application in your daily interactions.

Q. Is this religious training? +

A. No. This is quality of life performance training. Where others choose to talk about belief, faith and hope, we focus on energy, experience and movement. All religious or non-religious backgrounds are welcome.

Q. Do you guarantee results from your coaching? +

A. Although there is no money-back guarantee, we do guarantee that your life will change in many ways through the work we do together. As a direct result of our work, 100% of our clients report significant changes in how they perceive and experience life.

Q. How many students sign up for your programs? What is the follow through and completion rate? +

A. Our practice is designed to accommodate 10-15 individual one-on-one students at a time. We also select 2-3 corporate clients for customized business training. Seminars, masterclass workshops and webinars support much larger groups. Our completion rate is over 99%.


Q. How long is each coaching session? +

A. Each official session is two hours long. During a formal coaching session, I will take notes on whatever we discuss. Video recording is optional. You will receive a copy of session notes for your review and further study. In addition to formal 2-hour sessions, we will periodically talk over the phone or message through email or online for brief progress checkups between formal sessions.

Q. How many coaching sessions do I need? +

A. During our discovery session, we will determine the course of our professional relationship. Due to the significance and depth of our work, a single session is inadequate. Results are generally evident within three sessions. Quite often, it is appropriate to plan our monthly or bi-monthly formal sessions over 12 months or longer. In a BootCamp or Adventure experience, sessions are much more frequent and intense.

Q. Do I need to commit to a certain number of coaching sessions? +

A. The duration of our professional relationship is not set in stone. Your commitment to our work will always be your own decision according to your own motivation. Neither I nor anyone else can force you to commit to any particular course of personal development.

Q. What is the approximate amount of time weekly a client can expect to dedicate to this training? +

A. This is lifelong training that relies 100% on you to intentionally take responsibility for your own life. You quickly realize that life becomes your personalized custom classroom that you can never leave. According to your ability to pay attention and willingness to apply what you learn, you can easily spend all your waking hours retraining yourself using our simple practice techniques. Between the assigned homework, journaling and your own self-directed study, 5-10 hours per week is common. The only strict requirement is to participate fully in our 2-hour formal sessions as mutually scheduled.

Q. How often will I meet my coach? +

A. According to particular life demands, we will determine our overall formal session schedule together. General practice is to schedule the second session no less than one month after the first. This intentional initial gap allows for new observations and life developments to naturally occur.

Q. Where will I meet my coach? +

A. Our formal sessions are done in person or from any distance according to your location and preference. If you live in or near Adelaide, South Australia, we will meet near Glenelg or in the city. Clients who live outside my local area have the option of travelling to meet me or flying me to meet you.

Q. What if I don’t live in Adelaide, in South Australia or even in Australia? +

A. All formal sessions are face-to-face. If you are unable to physically meet in Adelaide, we use Skype, Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger for remote live video sessions.


Q. What are the basic or advanced requirements to enter this work? +

A. Our current human condition offers difficult lessons related the growing-up process, regardless of your age or life attainment. You must be willing to learn how to take responsibility for your life in new ways that will be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. You must be willing to move through periods of uncertainty, confusion, fear and doubt. You must be able to find an opportunity in the process of lifelong learning rather than viewing it as a problem.

Q. Do you assess the mental health of clients prior to engagement? +

A. This is not a “one size fits all” practice. We accept clients on a case-by-case basis. Assessing basic mental health and suitability to handle this work is a natural function of our discovery session.

Q. What support do you offer for clients who encounter problems? +

A. Training for quality of life and higher performance is not for everyone. Moving out of your old normal “familiar discomfort” zone is the work of many lifetimes. A hallmark of our practice is intensity, movement and shock. All of our clients encounter problems of some kind as an expected experience. Maintenance over time is part of all our relationships.

Q. What happens once I submit an inquiry? +

A. Once you submit the discovery session questionnaire, your answers will be evaluated to determine whether you are suitable for this type of work. If you are, you will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange a discovery session. Please ensure the correct contact details are entered in the questionnaire. During the session, we will determine the best course of action for our professional relationship.


Q. What is the price of your coaching programs? +

A. Your payment depends on the direction we determine together. For a standard arrangement, you’ll pay $2,000 per month for minimum three months ($6,000). If you choose an 8-week BootCamp, payment is $5,000. Custom options include our more advanced Adventure and Business packages which start at $25,000 and $50,000, respectively.

All prices include GST.

You will receive an tax invoice once we determine our direction together. For monthly arrangements, you will receive an additional tax invoice for each month. If your performance coaching is related to your work or business, you may be able to deduct some or all of your performance coaching costs from your taxes.


Q. What are my payment options? +

A. Our professional work begins after we receive your payment. Split or partial payments will add 25% to your fee. Details for the following options are included on each tax invoice:

  1. Cash – payment must be made in full at our first coaching session
  2. Credit Card/PayPal
  3. Bank Transfer
  4. Cheque
Q. Why is this so expensive? +

A. Ask yourself this simple question... What price are you willing to place on your own life? This is elite training reserved for people who are serious about life transformation. Our target market is small. We choose to work with those who get it. We are not interested in tire kickers or casual observers. We'd rather have fewer long-lasting deep relationships than many fleeting surface relationships.

Q. Do you offer lower-cost courses online? +

A. Yes. The NewNormal Online Course is available to purchase for $197. It is a 12 month self-directed course which includes a handbook weekly practical videos.


Q. What is the NewNormal Academy? +

A. The NewNormal Academy is NOW open for business. In the self-selective style of the ancient Hermetic mystery schools, it is a self-initiation, self-direction, self-education platform for each of us to participate and open according to our own pace and inherent capacity.

Learning how to learn is what we do here. Learning how to learn at increasingly deeper levels brings an expansive OPPORTUNITY perspective to life that never stops.

Access to this secret facebook group is $29/year

Request access by emailing us at

Q. I'm a coach, how can I work with you? +

A. Front-line change-makers in the leadership and coaching game who want to implement Dragon shadow technologies to dissolve OldNormal energies in their clients can request to undertake a special face to face certification course.

Certified shadow trainers must go through real shadow training themselves before carrying the "Powered by Dragon" seal and being featured on our community page.

Q. Aren’t you afraid that if clients become each other’s coaches, they will not use your services anymore? +

A. No. We WANT you to go out and teach what you learn to others by example. Empowerment is our practice. A successful professional coaching relationship is one that encourages independence, experimentation and service to All. Learning how to learn and teaching how to teach go hand in hand. We are the trainers of the trainers of the trainers of the trainers. As your life naturally becomes more powerful, you will automatically encourage others to follow your lead. Service-in-absolute-action is a fundamental part of our strategic vision. Our job is simply to train as many people as possible on our practice and have them demonstrate how it works in real life.


Q. Do I need to sign a coaching contract? +

A. Yes. Due to the social and emotional risks which may result from our work, we require our clients to sign a liability waiver before entering a professional relationship with us.

Q. Do you guarantee the privacy of my information? +

A. We treat each interaction with the utmost of privacy and confidentiality. Just as a doctor or lawyer offers client confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of each professional relationship, we handle your sensitive information with care and respect. Notes and recordings from each session are private. Only you have the authority to share what we discuss with others outside the session.