one of the main outcomes of our dragon training is that you lose your old relationship with fear. all fear. it’s not that fear completely goes away… it’s that your real-life experience brings you closer to the reality of fear that lies UNDER the illusion of fear and therefore gives you a new perspective on it.

our work allows you to experience fear as a simple, usable energy that is not attached to your life force. we transform fear from a problem into opportunity.

all fear is attached to the erroneous idea of death and scarcity. once you understand thru first-hand experience that death and scarcity are merely ideas about the flow of energy, you will realize that your programmed lower mind has a lot false ideas to let go about death and scarcity and perceived limitations of energy.

you are programmed for fear, scarcity and death. that’s what western culture, scientific method and capitalism is all about. it comes from your contracted, closed linear mindset and this restricted blindness is programmed into you from birth. once you remember how to break thru your closed linear mindset, your self-imposed limitations become visible and readily usable for experimentation and deeper self-examination. your mind becomes open for the first time and your entire energetic body responds to it immediately.

breaking thru your programmed linear mindset is the basis of our dragon training. dragons live in the open transparent hologram (matirx) while everyone else lives in the closed concealed linear. dragons naturally have more choices in the open matrix (yes and no and other) than those who are confined by the closed linear(yes or no).

PARADOX RULES ALL. the paradox of life comes alive only in the holographic matrix. paradox and truth bring the matrix alive inside your body. to know the hologram, you must know truth and paradox as a
feeling, not merely as an idea or concept. inside. out.

once you embrace paradox and truth from the inside, you live life from behind your eyeballs. this is the shamanic life-path that brings death into a new perspective… and once you have a new perspective on death, your relationship with fear automatically changes. it affects your body, mind and your entire life in ways unimaginable.

of course, transforming your perspective on fear, death and paradox takes work and diligence and courage. of course, this is the work we do. and yes, this is how we have fun. Cool