Thanx for sharing your story with me as openly as you have, dragon sister. You and I can handle all this truth and more.

You are developing your ABSOLUTE OPPORTUNITY PERSPECTIVE as we speak. Your subtle energetic blueprint is coming into view. You are lightening up. You are coming clean. You are getting better. Feeling better. Reconnecting. Getting real. Good job.

NewNormal energy is moving thru you right now. Feel it deeply. It’s always within you. It is permanent. You ALWAYS have it. It is yours and yours alone. Permanent. Absolute. Unconditional. NOW.

I know you know I’m not your saviour. We’ve already cleared that hurdle. Nina and I are your NewNormal family. Our Golden dragon clan is large and powerful, growing infinitely more aware of our deepest connections with each passing moment.

We share dragon blood. Truth is our bond. Open is our state. Awake is our Presence.

Yes, I love you as you decide to show up and deliver yourself as Presence, observation and truth. However, whenever and for whatever reason. You have me as you use me. Whatever purpose I serve in your life, I AM here for you always. In all ways.

I’m serious. This PrisonBreak HeartSpace ShadowDragon is real. We are just gettin’ started.

Always. Presence. Connected. Now <3