HeartSpace is the process of moving your conscious awareness from your head to your heart. It changes everything about the way you perceive and operate on this planet, in your body. When a person lives, connects and loves according to their rational/linear/closed brain, the programs that run their life operate according to fear, protection and survival. When living, connecting and loving from your heart, it’s completely opposite… Open. Holographic. Opportunity. Available. Experimental. Learning…

ShadowDragon is the process of opening your deepest inner prison and letting your inner energy come out. Setting your kundalini free. Blazing your inner fire using your deeper unconscious patterns as fuel for your internal burning. Once you let your dragon free, your entire life changes.

Your dragon consumes all inner rubbish. Inner pollution. False ideas, beliefs and hopes. Completely destroys everything that is not substantial. Consumes everything that is not real. All your stories go up in a blaze. You die and are reborn within yourself. On purpose. With a smile on your face.

PrisonBreak is our process of BUSTING OUT of the linear thinking where old programmed automatic reactions run the show. Bringing yourself to another level requires TESTING yourself in very difficult, challenging and confronting situations. On purpose. Intentionally. With your INTERNAL ABSOLUTE OPPORTUNITY PERSPECTIVE (AOP) intact.

This is where our work gets really fun… Intentionally putting yourself in the line of fire and seeing how your AOP overrides your head games…

All your old normal ideas and stories dissolve under the weight of OBSERVABLE EVIDENCE. There is nowhere for ANYTHING to hide. Life is never the same once your centered silence becomes your life… your passion… your addiction.

Transforming your perspective from problem to OPPORTUNITY is the key action in our work. Whenever you perceive an interaction with you world, you choose your INTERNAL OPPORTUNITY perspective rather than an external problem perspective. Opportunity instantly and permanently dissolves every problem because it is a fundamentally higher/subtler vibration.

All energetic expansion lives thru opportunity. Your perspective is all you EVER control in life. Once you adopt and ABSOLUTE OPPORTUNITY PERSPECTIVE, you literally become The Great Infinite Beyond… expanding with each internal opportunity realized… interacting wilt ALL, bring life alive thru intention, attention, attraction… Allurement in action becomes your life

The sexiest thing on this planet is the woman who is firmly committed to HeartSpace ShadowDragon. There is no possible way to stop her from doing whatever she wants and getting EVERYTHING available