Kaleo's Paradigm Shift is NOW!

Kaleo's Paradigm Shift is NOW!

It’s Time for a Shift!

Once again, it’s time for a big paradigm shift in human consciousness and social responsibility. Competitive life and comfort-seeking behavior is getting out of hand for more and more people on the planet. Love and respect of self and therefore others must replace habitual fear. Cellular re-programming and shifting attitudes and perceptions of energy is what’s needed for the betterment of all.

We are all connected.
Let’s start using our 6th and 7th senses.
Access you deepest intuition and imagination to set you free.

It’s a wonder that we don’t all just float up into the air. No, really. It’s truly incredible the most startling findings that 20th-century science has to share with the inner energetic world of mystics and ancient sages. Basically, in the modern worldview, folks like Einstein and Heisenberg have demonstrated how the true reality of our world is an unpredictable hodgepodge of individual sets of experience, communication, and beliefs that uniquely manifest themselves as forms of pure energy.

Thought and intention channels energy that creates everything that exists. That’s right. Everything in the world is pure energy and it’s all invisibly connected to each other. All things in life and of life are comprised of the same exact thing – pure thought energy. Humans, animals, rocks, water, air, steel, planets.

Everything is energy and symbol.

Do you want to know what happens when you split an atom? Energy comes out. How about when you burn a log? More energy. And when scientists recently split strands of DNA to see what it was made of, what do you think they found? That’s right, more energy in the form of pure light. Measurable, repeatable scientific experiments done under strict oversight.

How ‘bout them apples?

And furthermore, current science strongly supports that what an individual communicates and believes will actually manifest as experiences in his or her reality. This is a fact of life that students of ancient wisdom have known since the dawn of man. And if you’re a Western-minded, scientific method believer then there is a wealth of information and long-term research ready for your critical review. At your fingertips through a simple Google web search on, say, “holographic universe”, “morphic fields” or “human energy”, you can find the most amazing facts about the invisible energetic nature of the world that we inhabit.
Modern science finds mystic energy.
East meets West in a huge way – each and every day.

This “life-is-energy-is-reality” stuff is proving scientifically to be all-in-all-in-our-head. But the real question here is not about the validity of this new “thought-energy-creates-reality” science. No, the real question is why doesn’t anyone in charge of the world pay attention to this science? Why do the corporate science establishment and media actively suppress so much of the positive life-changing results of this promising new science? Why are corporations and governments gladly toeing the line cast by those who still reap the benefits of long-defunct competitive Darwinian thinking and Newtonian logic?

I’ll tell ya’. It’s all about control of the masses – control of you and all your personal energy. The myth-savvy creators of the death-based systems of fear know that physical energy doesn’t compare with the energy of your soul-connected mind. While humans focus on gaining and controlling external energy, the fear-based systems that support society rob us of our internal god-self energy.

It’s a shame, and we let it happen.
Creature comforts are no just reward for trading the power of your soul.

Modern science and mystics agree that the greatest source of transformative energy on this planet is contained within our “unconscious” mind. (At least that’s what moderns call it so we believe it’s inaccessible.) Inspired thought coming in the form of intuition is the greatest creative force known to man. If your mind is not connected with your internal soul, then your mind is connected to the external system. If your mind is blocked from knowing its connection to your higher-self, then inspired thought is blocked as well.

As you allow yourself to focus more on the external rewards of the system and less on your own soul-based happiness, your precious inspired energy is drained until your life force is gone. Once the soul gets the feeling that there is no ceiling, all bets are off.

Our society has been distracted to death and the system owns you as long as you live. Classic bait-and-switch swindle technique. It’s as simple as that.

So now you know that there’s another way; you cannot go backwards.

Basically defined, a “paradigm shift” occurs whenever one conceptual world view is changed for another. Temporary and experimental phases of change become conscious states in the system. Continuous states of change become new permanent stages in the system. Paradigm shifts become permanent and all things in the system have to re-learn how to do everything.

During a paradigm shift, everyone affected by the shift goes back to zero. The emerging environment forces all actors and participants to change and adapt, no matter what their position was in the outgoing paradigm. As soon as movements are noticed in the larger environment, you can bet that there’s a paradigm shift underway. When an energetic paradigm shifts, everything in the formerly “stable” system goes to zero and we each start all over.

The current paradigm shift is not in the favor of humans who are addicted to self-denial patterns. Victims who love their victim-hood and saviors who love their savior-hood are equally in for a rude awakening in the new paradigm of love and acceptance. Competition with self and the environment is so passé and tired.

Everyone will have to change because paradigm shifts are always happening.
Like right now…. And right now…. And now.

Cognitive restructuring and manipulative control of our thoughts using fear-based tactics of mental, physical and spiritual warfare is what they have done for thousands of years. The hyper-competitive and manipulative leaders currently in charge of society will have a difficult time in the new self-love paradigm. Love for self and compassion for others is much more powerful than fear of self and domination of others. Those in charge of the oldest fear-based plan are themselves afraid of the paradigm shift that will free humanity from an insidious mental slavery.

The death-bound leaders of yesterday bind our world to broken death-based, physically-centered systems of fear and scarcity. Now it’s time for humanity to take back the reigns.

In the old competitive paradigm, we work to live to survive to die. That’s our rat-race-patterned world in a nutshell. But as folks continue to wake up, we will each plainly see that we share a world of inspired energy that is dramatically moving from a scarcity paradigm of physical competition and self-denial to one of abundant soul-based compassion and self-realization.

It’s becoming painfully obvious that the old way of hating and killing each other is not the way to be anymore. Put simply, a lot of us have decided that we will no longer kill ourselves in order to survive. That’s impossible for our bodies and it’s impossible for our soul, but people in our competitive societies have done it this way for a long, long, long time. It’s become a pattern that we can no longer see ourselves separate from.

Self-fulfillment, self-love and self-realization will happen
within each of us whether we like it or not.

No one is immune to the self-realization process.
Everyone crosses over the self-love threshold one way or another.

From the evidence offered by hypnosis and meditation experiments, it is becoming clear to us that there are no dormant parts of our mind. Everything that we are connected to is accessible, and with this newest access we are all waking up to who we really are. So it’s time for a change.

A huge energetic shift indeed is under way and we all know it.
When the paradigm is set to shift, the outgoing worldview fights with all its power to stay alive. The leaders of the old way of “doing competition” know that their last days are here. Fighting out in the open instead of keeping itself hidden is the only way left for the old “self-hate and domination of others” paradigm to preserve itself.

If you look around and see what’s really happening, all the clues are there to behold.

How much money is your soul worth? Think Iraq War. Think 2000 and 2004 United States presidential elections. Think Halliburton and Enron scandals. Think highest-ever gas prices.

The hood-wink is on, and these are prime examples of how the death-based system positively needs your complicit energy in order to survive. By requiring more than your fair share of the world’s resources, you give the heartless leaders of this system impunity to kill and destroy the earth for your personal convenience and comfort.

Hand over your mind and soul and we’ll protect ya’.
Ain’t that a good feeling in your well-fed gut?
This protection of “our way of life” is a noose around our collective neck.

Protection of the masses by the “Master” is the oldest human pattern that stems from the ancient reptilian brain.

The architects of this devious Master / Slave plot know that we are wising up to their antics. In times gone by, crimes against humanity were committed in secret, behind the closed doors of the corporate board room and inside secret Beltway chambers. Not anymore. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak. This is what happens when the proverbial snake eats its tail. Endgame is near and those in charge of the old paradigm know it. “They” are quickly losing their power over you.

Fear really is a dead program. Fear programming is only found in the paradigm of false death. Who out there reading this really thinks competition and hate is the way to live? No one I know believes this is a sustainable path. Humans have arrived at a tipping point. A courageous new choice to live and love must replace the habit of killing ourselves in order to survive.

To fear another is to first fear yourself.
One and the same.
To compete with another is to first compete with yourself.
One and the same
To have compassion for another is to first have compassion for yourself.
One and the same.
To love another is to first love yourself.
One and the same.

The foxes are caring for the chickens and now the chickens know better. We can no longer rely on the external saviors to give back our collective soul that they stole. We are here to get what’s rightfully ours. Our inspired soul power is returning to us right now.

There is no longer a place to hide from yourself. We are each on our own and we each must face the reality one way or another. Sleeping at the wheel is no longer an option.

Well, if “They” know it’s all about to change and folks like us know it, then why don’t more people stand up and participate in this impending shift? I’ll tell you why. It’s because 99% of the world is under a nasty and invisible form of hypnosis that requires them to constantly seek personal safety and comfort above all else. We have become addicted to life’s conveniences and the energy-robbing rewards of the system. All we care about is comfort for ourselves and for those “like us”.
Tribalism and nationalism and protectionism at its finest.

We’ve properly learned their way of dependence and now we don’t want to pay the price.

Systemic corruption is real and it always comes at a heavy price for those who resist change. History shows that this greedy, short-minded way of living has gotten all the prior empires in trouble. Over-consumption always leads to scarcity thinking. Scarcity thinking always leads to fear. Fear always leads to separation. Separation always leads to death. It’s as simple as that.

Gender separation.
Racial separation.
Economic separation.
Intellectual separation.
Negative self-talk.

How long can any of these unsustainable, self-denial human behaviors go on?

Nothing in the fear paradigm works anymore. Thankfully, this situation is changing.

The shift to self-love is NOW.

We know how to re-program ourselves for self-love.

Once and for all, we need to wake up and smell the burning coffee! Each epoch of human history is marked by a chance to intentionally change the focus from self-hatred to self-love. We are each the leaders we have been waiting for. We are each the warriors of the heart who will relieve ourselves from the pain and suffering of greedy pride. We are the only ones who can get ourselves out of this mess that we’ve caused by our self-destructive comfort-seeking.

Taking back our precious life-force energy from the soul-robbing social systems is a monumental task that requires dramatic changes in personal attitudes and behaviors. It is to be a personal paradigm shift of monumental proportions. Transitioning from a lifetime of self-denial, fear, and scarcity is tough.

I know how tough it is because, like countless others who surround you, I have made the shift. I continue to realize and solidify this shift each day in my own way. Self-victimizer no more! Using ages-old spiritual wisdom, I have created a unified life practice that encompasses all this abundance and moves me into soul-based harmony each moment of my conscious existence. I used to live in the world of system-based rewards, but I have since given up the six-figure lifestyle to become more in-line with what I speak. The world of high-finance and technology no longer has the strangle-hold it once did. If I can make the shift, so can you.

Please read the 3-book series The Handbook for the New Paradigm, found free on the web: – Vol. 1-2 – Vol. 1-3

This book series has the ability to change the way you look at life and completely transform your life for the better. The re-programming content offered in the Handbook is mandatory reading for humans preparing for the new self-love paradigm. All the necessary tools and understanding are available for freedom and transformation NOW.

Please understand one thing if nothing else. All energy is transitive and everything is always in transition. Energy never rests. The ebb and flow of life reflects the ebb and flow of all energy patterns. Energy cycles misunderstood are still the same no matter what you may believe about the solidity of your physical world.

An eco-minded past teacher of mine suggests that we each strive to live according to the “Rule of 1/ 7.5-billionth” which goes like this: If there are roughly 7.5 billion people in the world, each one should take up 1 part of the whole. No more, no less. The Rule of 1/7.5-billionth is the basic recipe for personal responsibility, and if everyone does it we’ll be just fine in no time at all. Until you can learn to live according to the Rule of 1/7.5-billionth and consider it as abundance instead of scarcity, you have some serious inner soul work to do.

Self-denial or self-realization. It’s your choice. Folks better get started now. There’s no time like NOW to regain your place in your own world and take back the soul power that is rightfully yours. Stop giving your energy away for false-comfort rewards that don’t serve you. We each have freewill above all else, so start using it for your soul-centered happiness instead of choosing to serve a death-based system.

When will you stop giving away your precious energy to a
broken system that only insures your demise?
When will you begin living for your own happiness and taking care of your soul that has been so ignored and neglected?

In order to discover personal happiness, we must learn to face and overcome our deepest fears. Facing and overcoming our deepest fears requires each of us to see where in our lives we choose self-denial over self-realization.

What does our collective addiction to the self-denial paradigm imply? What fears must each of us face if we will ever fulfill our only duty for self-realization and self-love?

Mortality ~ Fear of death and dying
Scarcity ~ Fear of not having enough
Aloneness ~ Fear of not being accepted by others
Loss ~ Fear of losing what I have gained

The ultimate fear is that the myth of personal stability and permanence turns out to be a big hoax. No one who lives in fear wants to accept that stability and permanence are self-destructive illusions created by the system they rely so heavily on. Society (and its fear-based systems of death) does everything possible to keep this myth of stability alive. Old paradigm leaders directly support the myth of stability as “real” while steadily resisting everything that moves, grows, changes or challenges us or our past accomplishments. The conditioned intellect that can only perceive comfort in a “permanence and no-change” environment will do all it can to resist and block all things that would otherwise change its environment.

Everything changes and nothing in this world of energy is stable. Everything is in motion all the time. To resist change is to resist Merkhaba which is the basic fabric of our energetic existence.

In the light of the new self-love paradigm that is NOW, there are only a few questions left to ask yourself:

Are you part of the old paradigm problem or part of the new paradigm solution?
Will you do your 1/ 7.5-billionth fair share or sit by and watch others do all the work?

It’s your call. You know exactly who you are and what you can do to embrace change. Just know that time to choose the higher path is NOW.

There are those who make things happen. There are those who watch things happen. There are those who simply say “What happened?”. Who are you be-coming?

What do you say?

This is your 100th monkey wake-up call. No one will ever give you permission to take complete care of yourself. Ask yourself one more question:

Who have I never been that I’ve always been that I’ve always known I denied?

This is the wake-up call to your soul.

WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! It’s time for a shift in human love energy.