Q: Hi Kaleo, how do you let go of expectation?

A: hello my friend. just because fear is present in your life doesnt mean you have to focus on it. letting go of expectation uses fear to overcome stagnation and anxiety. transforming expectations requires us to re-focus our attention away from “resistance and control” and toward “allow and release”. this is where each of us learns to let go of the trapeze and remembers how to fly with new wings. this letting go is where the caterpillar decides to allow the cocoon to do its work. this “letting go” is the beginning of becoming the butterfly.

you are this butterfly in the making. your conditional expectations have served you long enough. the design for your true form is inside you, waiting patiently for your cooperation. your wings are buried inside you, forming plans for flight even as we speak…. you only have to let go and let it happen.

through you. inside you. for you.

the caterpillar that knows only ground is not a butterfly. as you become aware of your patterns of conditional resistance and control, you face the ages-old dilemma to hold on to terra firma or to let go into the aire. it’s your choice…. for freedom. all yours.

always. perfect. love.