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I had a blast connecting with Kaleo Selah for the first conversation of The Limitless Man – The Universe supported us in being 100% raw, transparent… LIVE. We dive into the gift of giving and receiving – independent of each other.


“The Limitless Man is a groundbreaking project that follows 11 powerful, loving, paradigm-shifting men who are truly making a difference. Through weekly dialogues, we will follow their stories and explore new ways of living and being in the world. Heart-focused and creative, these men are pushing the boundaries of old limiting beliefs, and exploring their potential as divine, creative beings. Join us as we discuss real world topics in a refreshing spirit of authenticity that promises to leave you inspired and transformed.

My name is Andrea, as the Founder of The Limitless Man, I will serve as the facilitator of this project. I have had the honor of truly getting to know these men, and their impact on me has been nothing less than life-changing. Join us to benefit from their unique perspectives and ways of living in and seeing the world. Each of these men have assisted me in my own journey into self-love, and learning to walk the path as a powerful source of love in the world. Each interaction with these men has consistently left me feeling more expanded and connected to my true Self.

Come join me as we find out what they are truly thinking and feeling. Listen as they courageously and vulnerably share from the heart. And hear what they have to say about some of “my” most current life experiences.”