The fact that you are causing waves around you is evidence of your progress. Your dragon energy is becoming more centered and potent. You are becoming the REAL You… the galactic dragon warrior woman that we who love you want to see more of. You are becoming emotionally mature and self-responsible. Everyone who depends on your weakness for their strength will fight your changes with all their might. Sucking your life force is what they do. Now that you’re getting wise to their silliness, they will just get angry and hateful.

This is all a natural part of the healing crisis. The process of healing yourself will change the dynamics of all your old sick, tired, broke-down worn-out relationships. This is quite normal. And we welcome these changes as opportunities for you to practice your dragon strength moves in real-life situations.

There is no failure for the New You who sees only opportunity to practice her dragon moves. You are learning some seriously tuff stuff with me. You’re doing a fantastic job, honey. We are just getting started. I love you and I am always here for you.