NewNormal Hour #10: NewNormal Coaching Saved Rebecca's Life

NewNormal Hour #4 - #9: The 5M Method

The 5M Method podcasts are available as part of the 5M Method Online Course

Our practice is to intentionally apply the 5M Method to each of the 4 Areas of Life. Quality of life requires each of us to pay NEW attention to the critical moving parts. Keeping everything simple rather than adding complexity. Moving toward an absolute opportunity perspective where you would otherwise perceive problems. Taking direct experimental action toward the edge of old familiar discomfort. Real PrisonBreak... Doing whatever it takes to get outside the old box and add fuel to your roaring inner fire. Run Forrest run.... And keep running. Don't stop. Can't quit. Get smarter. Wiser. Tougher with each imaginative step. This is what we do. If you have the requisite Motivation to do it with us, you have indeed found your NewNormal home.

NewNormal Hour #3: Having Fun

  • Click here to download NewNormal Hour #3
    Click here to download NewNormal Hour #3

    Date: 30-10-2016

    Having fun on the radio, discussing all things Dragon.

    Topics: The 4 Areas of Life, The 5M Method, Introducing Max, Authentic Communication, Talking about Talking, Presence, Ouroboros, Discovery Session, Price of Freedom, Giving Life Away vs. Taking Life Back, Uncensored Section, Confessions of a Spiritual Hitman, OldNormal to NewNormal, Soul Retrieval, Blame vs. Responsibility, Magic, Energy Balls, High Martial Art, Subtle Energies, Expanding Comfort Zone, Separation vs. Integration, Unity, Oneness, Individuation, Institutionalisation, PrisonBreak, NewNormal Handbook, Zero Distractions, Blackhole, Freestyle Music, Harmonics, Community

NewNormal Hour #2: Fear of Abandonment

  • Click here to download NewNormal Hour #2
    Click here to download NewNormal Hour #2

    Date: 26-10-2016

    An interview style conversation between Kaleo and Max about the common fear of abandonment. Recorded at home.

    Topics: Childhood, Formative Experiences, Birth Order, Inferiority, Abandonment, Interview Format, Preoperational Children, Egocentrism, Fear, Childhood Trauma, Perfectionism, Practices, Uncomfortable First Steps, Faith, Building Habits, Practice, External Motivation vs. Internal Motivation, Movement, Experimentation, Courage, Confidence as a Result of Courageous Action, Risk Avoidance, Perfect Process vs. Perfect Content, Essence vs. Form, God, Present Moment, Resistance, Magnetism, Lane of Passion, Flow, Evidence vs. Stories, Being the Centre of the Universe as Cause vs. Effect, Creator vs. Victim, Paranoia, Fear vs. Love, Expanding Universe, Energetic Confusion, Cancer, Societal Confusion, External Reality as Projected Illusion, External God, Cutting Umbilical Cord as Root of Fear of Abandonment

NewNormal Hour #1: Setting the Context

  • Click here to download NewNormal Hour #1
    Click here to download NewNormal Hour #1

    Date: 23-10-2016

    First show setting the tone for things to come on 89.7 PBA-FM Adelaide community radio.

    Topics: Introduction, Radio Format, NewNormal Reality, Personal Responsibility, Coaching Program, Kaleo's Background, Future Direction, Quality of Life in Four Areas, Relationships & Romance, Finance & Career, Health & Exercise, Happiness & General Wellbeing, The 5M Method, Kaleo's Music, Call in Show, Setting the Tone, Motivation, Mindset, Movement, Momentum, Maintenence, Facebook Live, Max's Role in Dragon Performance Coaching, High Martial Art, Shadow Work, Consciousness, Personal Responsibility, Brainwave Reprogramming, Neuroplasticity, DNA Activation, Psychopathy, Energetic Integration, Energetic Pollution, Benefits of 5M Method, Reforming Old Energy, Inner Dashboard, NewNormal Community, Facebook