Q: Kaleo, can you tell me how you help to make this tough inner shadow work fun?

A: well…. it’s all a life-time toil until you intentionally face your pervasive problem perspective and transform it to an absolute opportunity perspective. it takes continuous practice and an absolute dedication to deeper self-reflection in each moment

our first decisive action is STOP… once you STOP, complexity dissolves thru emerging simplicity. troubles vanish. energies clear. confusion goes away. stories of the past become transparent

once you STOP, all that remains is whatever’s real. this is when our fun work begins

this is the practice I help others learn… it requires moving your awareness from your thinking head to your feeling heart. yes, it can be done under any circumstance and within all life situations. it simply takes practice in specific ways that are completely foreign to a negatively-programmed mentality… my job is to support you as you re-learn how to grow up, learn something new and remember what’s really important

new attention. new priorities. new awareness. new direction new fun. new happiness. new language….

NewNormal Now