Q: Hi Kaleo. Things are falling apart for me and my family. I can’t seem to make time to commit to taking care of myself. We have no money to pay you. How can working with you help me in my current situation?

A: I hear what youre saying here sister. we can just keep going thru this FB email until things settle for your crew. no problem.

the way I help you is to bring a new perspective of “current opportunity” you your awareness. instead of looking at all your moving parts and seeing problems and difficulty, we challenge your viewpoint to see all the good stuff you’re currently overlooking.
when you transform your attention, you transform your self and your world. immediately. permanently. sooo… what you pay attention becomes what you see and experience… and it ALWAYS starts on the inside and works its way to the outside.

the only ability you ever have is to pay attention and focus. that’s it. life is never about anything else but this… and most folx dont realize that this ability to pay attention is their only true ability. humans NEVER do anything else because there’s NOTHING else to do.

I’ll give you a right-now current example of how easy this is. rather than looking at you thru the problem perspective, I choose to view you thru my opportunity lens. my opportunity lens talks thru me RIGHT NOW saying this:

“it’s great to help you move thru this transition. supporting my world enhances my gifts. this is my life practice and I practice it unconditionally. I love to serve wherever possible. service to myself and to my world is always possible wherever I am. I serve myself and my world with every thought and action. this is my perfect process in action. I am always happy whenever I do what I am happiest doing. wherever. whenever. however. with whomever. always. as I help her thru up-paid FB email, I help myself and countless others. the exchange is in the highest form of soul currency and I gladly exchange with her. I honor her and give highest gratitude for sharing herself with me so freely and openly. this is what being alive and
connecting at the soul level is all about. I can take sanitized snippets from whatever I write to support her and post them publicly to my pages to support many others who will immediately benefit from our mutual exchange.”

Im telling you honey, this highest-possible vibration inner dialogue can only come if I choose the opportunity perspective over the problem perspective. if I choose to view you thru the problem perspective, my inner dialogue would be LITERALLY opposite of what it is now. we would NOT be having this conversation and your problems would immediately become real.

self-abandonment and self-deceit only remain problems when you ignore the opportunity to serve and learn. when the risk of self-acceptance is its own reward, all other bets are off… nothing else matters.

choosing to view life thru your NEW current opportunity lens instead of your habitual problem lens is the basis of our work. with this conscious choice, all else becomes possible. whenever you choose opportunity, you immediately serve yourself and your world…. and THAT’S when the real fun adventure begins!

this is how we have fun! this feels good. smiling. right now. cool 🙂