NewNormal Hour #1: Setting the Context

First show setting the tone for things to come on 89.7 PBA-FM Adelaide community radio.

Topics: Introduction, Radio Format, NewNormal Reality, Personal Responsibility, Coaching Program, Kaleo’s Background, Future Direction, Quality of Life in Four Areas, Relationships & Romance, Finance & Career, Health & Exercise, Happiness & General Wellbeing, The 5M Method, Kaleo’s Music, Call in Show, Setting the Tone, Motivation, Mindset, Movement, Momentum, Maintenence, Facebook Live, Max’s Role in Dragon Performance Coaching, High Martial Art, Shadow Work, Consciousness, Personal Responsibility, Brainwave Reprogramming, Neuroplasticity, DNA Activation, Psychopathy, Energetic Integration, Energetic Pollution, Benefits of 5M Method, Reforming Old Energy, Inner Dashboard, NewNormal Community, Facebook