NewNormal Hour #2: Fear of Abandonment

An interview style conversation between Kaleo and Max about the common fear of abandonment. Recorded at home.

Topics: Childhood, Formative Experiences, Birth Order, Inferiority, Abandonment, Interview Format, Preoperational Children, Egocentrism, Fear, Childhood Trauma, Perfectionism, Practices, Uncomfortable First Steps, Faith, Building Habits, Practice, External Motivation vs. Internal Motivation, Movement, Experimentation, Courage, Confidence as a Result of Courageous Action, Risk Avoidance, Perfect Process vs. Perfect Content, Essence vs. Form, God, Present Moment, Resistance, Magnetism, Lane of Passion, Flow, Evidence vs. Stories, Being the Centre of the Universe as Cause vs. Effect, Creator vs. Victim, Paranoia, Fear vs. Love, Expanding Universe, Energetic Confusion, Cancer, Societal Confusion, External Reality as Projected Illusion, External God, Cutting Umbilical Cord as Root of Fear of Abandonment