the reason quantum physics is so important to our training is simple: ALL DRAGON TRAINING PROVES QUANTUM REALITY. I’ll be brief and direct with this right now.

your subjective feeling of fear is tied to your subjective idea of risk. risk requires loss. when you change your idea of risk, you change everything. what you think about risk is what you project. what you project is what you experience. when you open yourself up to risk, you open yourself up to loss.

risk is simply an idea that lives inside your head. understand that what we call “risk” does NOT exist outside your head. RISK DOES NOT EXIST. LOSS DOES NOT EXIST. only Cause and Effect exist. for every cause there is an effect. for every effect there is a cause. what people think of as “risk” is simply the process of cause and effect.


Control and Possession are simply programs running inside your head that cause a certain effect in your experience.

cause and effect is the process of flow. flow is always present and on no matter what you think or believe. everything is always moving. there is no control available for the flow of cause and effect. you never have anything to lose because everything is always flowing thru you. there is no destination or resting-point where anything eventually stops and settles down. there is never anything to hold on to.

you are the star in your game of life. you play a role that is tailor-made for you. if you can prove to yourself THRU DIRECT EXPERIENCE that your old ideas of risk are faulty, then you free yourself to play your starring role bigger and more openly available.

I could go all night on this. this is the most important thing any of us can ever experience. this is dragon basix

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