Ask yourself these questions when preparing for or just completing a major life change. Tip of our NewNormal ShadowDance iceberg. Check em out:

1) What is/was the change you are preparing to undertake?

2) What do/did you have to overcome to make the change?

3) What is/was your Frankenstein moment? What was your rock-bottom experience that let you know change is inevitable?

4) Who is/was the person or group of people in your life giving the most resistance? How will/did you handle their resistance?

5) What is/was the inner revelation about yourself that makes you know this change needs to happen? What is/was the inner question that needed to be addressed?

6) What is/was the current evidence in your life that you’ve actually broken the habit and made the change?

7) What do/did you have to give up to make the change? What material needs, beliefs or priorities have you dissolved or need to leave behind?

These questions are for those who have actually experienced major change:

8) What will/have you gained from this change?

9) Who in your life will/has support/ed this change?

10) What have you learned about yourself while making this change?

11) How do you keep the momentum to solidify and integrate this change?

12) What new revelation have you learned about the nature of change from this experience?

This brief list is by no means all-inclusive. Addressing the issues brought to the surface requires deeper self-honesty by asking better, more penetrating questions.

This is just the beginning of your NewNormal HeartSpace journey. PrisonBreak ShadowDragon is real. Never give up