Q: Hey Kaleo I found myself in a sad dark place this weekend. Spent most of the weekend alone. I re-read your post about losing parts of yourself and it makes sense given the big protective shell I have built around myself for many years. I didn’t revert back to old ways because I’m sure it was a weekend to say goodbye to some areas and relationships in my life. Sad but necessary, moving forward.

Another thing that has been difficult is to be around a crowd of people I would normally party with or work colleagues. I feel a shift in how I see them and interact with them. I feel the need to expand outward away from people I am currently around and toward a new group of souls so to speak. What do you think?

A: hello my friend. yes, you will feel your need to expand in all ways possible…. the people to whom you have become accustomed in the past may or may not serve your expansive energetic needs at this time. this is normal. this is to be expected.

this is dragon training. THIS IS REAL. there is no turning back.

as we discussed, your Old Self old normal is being replaced by your New Self new normal. you are letting go of the old way of “being yourself with others” and learning the new way of flying solo between the trapeze…. learning to let go of one handle completely and feeling weightless flight in the air. this is the magic you are learning… right here, right now.

once you allow yourself to let go of the old way of being with folx, you will feel how it feels to fly BY YOURSELF. you will NOT hold on to anyone in your old life in the same old way that you held on before. you will NOT see your life or others in it in the same old way that you saw before. you will NOT judge yourself or others in the old way that you did before.

all your relationships inside yourself and outside yourself will change for the better. they will evolve to the next highest possibility. they will emerge
as something you have never before imagined….. or they will die.

there is no other option.
there is no middle ground.
there is no compromise.

your essential perception of yourself, your life and others has permanently changed. your old life is DONE… FINISHED… COMPLETE… KAPUT! and all the old things and relationships you knew before are indeed in your past… never to return again. this means EVERYTHING…! there is nothing immune to this energetic transition process. everything is in play here. you are turning from an earth-bound caterpillar to a flying butterfly and you will never remember how it was to be something different once you learn to fly…. seriously. no joke. Im not shittin’ you.

this is what we call the Healing Crisis… and it’s really real. Google that shit… “spiritual healing crisis” or “energetic healing crisis”. I know it’s rough on you right now. I know how hard it is to leave the safety of the mass-caterpillar cocoon. I know how difficult it is to see all your leaves fall off your tree…. BUT fall they must… leave they will…. stay safely on the ground they try. I am indeed familiar with this process… it’s never easy for anyone in your current situation to make this initial transition. it’s rough as shit. seriously.

sooooo… you MUST remember one thing as you go thru this… you are something different… something different, indeed. for YOU are the one who has made the change in your life TOWARD your life instead of running away from your life. YOU are the one who has turned the corner instead of keeping straight. YOU are the one who has intentionally directed her energy toward something greater instead of following the lemming-ass crowd off the stupid-ass ledge. YOU are indeed different than the others.

YOU are the discoverer of new land. YOU are the voyager tracking new territory. YOU are the explorer who knows new destinations… yes my sister… YOU are the one making it happen for the children and off-spring of all the rest who currently choose to rest inside their own uncomfortable lazy fear-laden prisons of deepest disgust and dark despair. yeah, while you willfully meander outward to see what’s really happening, those others around you choose to lay quiet hiding inside their own inner turmoil and
deepest regret.

they have no choice. you have made the choice. there is no choice.

THEY WANT TO BE YOU. and they just can’t figure out how to do it or why they feel the shitty-ass way they do. doing the same thing day after day… year after year… lifetime after lifetime. we who move mountains NEVER fell sorry for them, for they are on their own journey homeward… somehow… someway… however and whenever they arrive, we do not know and we will never judge. but we do know one thing… YOU are on this journey and you are with me… RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW… and it goes EXACTLY like this my sister. and we LOVE it like this… and we would have it no other way. not even close!

so buckle up yourself and make hay while the sun still shines (that’s an old Midwest farmer’s saying…)… cuz you havent seen anything yet. there are still TONS of sick-ass tough-love lessons coming your way. shit-eatin’ challenge is what makes dragons earn their stripes.

you are still wading in the tadpole baby pool my friend… you havent seen ANYTHING yet! and that’s why Im with you… to help you along the way and to make it worth your while… cuz from time to time you will want to stop the press and take a break and Im here to tell you that there is NEVER A BREAK. NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER! this shit is unconditional… and that’s just the way we like it. unconditional. forever. infinity. done. silence

we are in this thing together. you have me all the way as long as you pay your own way. I will NEVER carry you thru the steps you choose to walk. your shit will always be your shit. just know that you are walking your path of shit with me AND walking it alone. Ive already done my nasty-ass chores…. now it’s time for you to do yours. this is a no-joke path of seriousness. and we have maximum fun all the way to the B-A-N-K! cosmic… galactic… etheric… I dont care… just as long as it pays. BIG!

.. and I say this in the best possible loving kindly way imaginable…. cuz dragons always bite with a smile… and a wink… 😉 and we live on the truth blood of the universe… so let it flow and let it go.