Yes I have put my ego to work FOR me instead of against me. Unleashing the obedient ego is real dragon deepness. It’s the bastion of many pent-up lifetimes. Releasing my inner dragon means releasing my ego from judgmental bondage. When my ego breathes, I can relax. And when my ego knows it’s required job, I don’t have to try to control it or tell it what to do.

I have reprogrammed my egoic energy to serve my Orca pod. My Orca pod dives down below my inner iceberg to locate ANYTHING that moves. As the patrol my inner iceberg looking for prey, they multiply and learn from each other. So my Orca pod is now very smart and very large. And their ONLY job is what I have created them to accomplish. All they do is look for movement in the water and bring up whatever moves. They don’t have to think about it or analyze it or decide anything about it. All they have to do is bring it up so my next inner process can deal with it above the waterline.

This is how my Orcas help with my deep inner shadow work. They bridge the gap between my unconscious and conscious energies. When they bring hidden stuff to the surface, my ego gives them a reward. That’s how my ego serves my Orca pod… It encourages them to dive deeper and bring up as much stuff as Orcaly possible.

The trick to reprogramming your ego toward inner service is perspective. You gotta change your perspective from problem to opportunity if you ever wanna put your ego to beneficial work. Changing your perspective requires you to consider your primary reality as “internal opportunity” as opposed to “external problem”. The instant you do this, EVERYTHING changes.