A: Kaleo, I’m finding it difficult to motivate myself to go deeper into my shadow work. How do you keep yourself motivated to keep going deeper?

Q: complete unconditional service to our shared universe is clearly my highest and deepest motivation for doing what I do. my entire life is evidence of this unconditional motivation to connect deeply and share truth. there is no gap between my intention, my thoughts, my feeling or my behaviour. I am integrated and I know exactly how I do what I do. I live my life on purpose for a reason.

in our work, real-life experience MUST precede teaching others. my life MUST be a experiential demonstration of what I expect from my clients and students. I have actually gone thru the lower-energy full-experience flames MYSELF in order to have the experiential skill and knowledge to teach others how to get thru their life fire. without my real-life experience coming FIRST, I would never be able to share my authentic instructional energy with others. I would be a fraud with no integrity just like any other fraud with no integrity.

experiential integrity lives FAR above trust and belief. our training is all about being real and knowing the process of truth. no belief or trust necessary, just an intention to live an integrated life. that’s it. that’s the baseline motivation for me…. and it works. wonders.

motivation for doing deepest inner is unique for each individual according to specific periods and challenges and desires along their individual life path. some of us have learned to move thru the lower motivations by experiencing the seriously tough stuff head-on and with fullest abandon.

in my inner-life work, for example, collecting women originated from my lower unconscious energy and was all about quantity, diversity and expanse of personal experience. real-life intensely challenging full-on confrontational interactions was what it was all about for me back then. and my entire life showed the evidence of this.

while I was unconsciously “just having fun”, this early female-collecting experience added greatly to my personal development as I became increasingly conscious of my energetic allurement and ability to magnetize at will. I became aware of my ability to learn from my seemingly “normal” life experiences from an early age. I became conscious of the process of learning how to become MORE conscious. I became hooked on consciousness and all I wanted was more and more of it. so that’s what my life has become.

I am addicted to consciousness and I LOVE MY ADDICTION!

now that I have come thru those lower-energy experiences and have learned sooo much about myself in the process of collecting women and raising the bar in each moment, today I have significantly different motivations for collecting women. it’s all about serving the world thru real-life, real-time experience however possible and wherever available. it’s not all about me anymore… and my life shows the evidence of this transition. my relationships with women still use the same tools (allurement, fun, deep connection, unique attention, no distraction, expansive opportunity) but my INTENTION is completely different now that I have grown up and become more compassionate and loving. my tools have evolved with me… both my tools and I are significantly well-sharpened and potent.

I MUST have integrity as I do what I do. I have no option with this. the only way I can deliver a beneficial, supportive, deepest-possible service-oriented experience with the growing numbers of women in my life right now is because I actually took myself thru the wringer in order to learn who I am and what my strengths really are…. good thing I LOVE WHAT I DO. it’s all I ever do and it’s all I ever wanna do. ever. forever. conscious service to All.