you are clearly learning patience and silence right now. this is a significant foundation-level shadow lesson that most humans never fully encounter or accept.

you are giving yourself an easy out by saying “I know Im focusing on the problem instead of the opportunity but Im only human”. that’s a buncha bullshit and you know it. either you are doing this stuff for real or youre not. simple. either you are serious about this or youre not. simple. either you’ll waste your time and effort and resources wishing and wanting and worrying and wallowing and fantasizing and worrying and worrying and worrying until youre dead cuz your’e “only human”… or you will do something marvelous and spectacular and way outta the ordinary and special.

you gotta choose one way or the other. you cannot know that you are doing fucked up shit and keep choosing to do fucked up shit. all this “I know Im fucking myself up and I know how to stop fuckin myself up but I choose to keep fuckin myself up” is a buncha regular fucked-up human low energy crap that you seem to be firmly attached to. it’s poison and you keep eating it. it’s killing you and you think it’s making you strong.

sooo… you have a choice to make. either step up like a real fuckin superman or lay down like a simple stuck human bitch. your choice. and just so you know, I dont care which way you choose… the aire is very clear up here and I see everything perfectly anywhichway it goes.

supermen dont need friends
supermen arent confused
supermen dont do shit that they dont wanna do
supermen fly high and dive low
supermen eat poison for fun
supermen dont fear anything
supermen are super-human
super-beings supermen have no rules
supermen do whatever the hell they want whenever wherever

so superman, do your job or human, go back where you are comfortable. we dont need more garbage around here taking up space…. pick yourself up and make it work wonders.