Q: Kaleo, I have plenty of darkness and shadow to play with here today. I was starting to feel a little sullied by it but I soon realized that it’s simply the truth and the truth alone shall set me free! How can I use the recognition of my darkness and shadow to help myself instead of holding me back?

A: darkness and shadow are always here to play with you… and play with you they always will. this is the paradox of abundance in the presence of light. in the presence of light, you are always surrounded by an abundance of darkness and shadows.

light always meets darkness and light always creates shadows… so the bigger the light your Presence shines, the larger the interface to darkness and the larger the shadow is created. this is cosmic law for each of us. learning how to make use of this law is the basis of our science of silence training.

remember this if you ever remember anything: the darkness is potential food for your light and the shadow is the potential mirror of your light. in your direct and intentional interface with darkness and shadow, you activate their potential IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY. you activate their own inner voices and stir their dormant energies into action and service. by directing your conscious attention and intentionally focusing on this interface, your will automatically activate the energies locked away inside the darkness and shadow. this is cosmic law. this is simple allurement in action.

allurement is the creative, conductive, connecting and activating power of our shared universe that each of us has access to. allurement in action is YOU bringing your Presence into its highest functioning in order to activate SOMETHING SOMEWHERE… or ANYTHING ANYWHERE. wherever allurement is active, something ALWAYS happens. whenever you apply intentional allurement thru attention and intention and awareness, you ALWAYS affect the object of your attention. your ability to direct your attention and focus is your ability to activate thru conscious allurement.

(Note: one version of allurement is what humans generally call “love”. love is simply a story of allurement in action. the story of love is simply a description of allurement. and in our training, we NEVER confuse the truth of allurement with the story of love. it becomes very simple once we STOP to see the truth. very simple indeed.)

in our creative process we learn as the science of silence, the interface between your light-filled Presence and darkness becomes an activation opportunity for further, deeper illumination as light penetrates the darkness. the interface between your Presence and its own shadow becomes an activation opportunity for mirrored growth as light observes its own reflection in the shadow.

so into the active darkness relationship, light penetrates and grows. into the active shadow relationship, light observes and reveals form. this practice of “penetrating while observing” is the basis of our work together. it is the single action that brings you from a lower vibration state of confusion, fear and separation into a higher vibration state of clarity, truth and integration. and as you yourself said before so simply, “truth (and clarity) will always set me free”. amen on that sister.

unconditional opportunity for exponential energy abounds whenever we interact powerfully and intentionally with our own darkness and shadow.

this is fact. this is real. this is truth. evidence of this experiential reality pervades our everyday experience. there is NOTHING intellectuall about this truth. it’s simply real and it’s available for each of us. right here. right now. and merely by reading this post in full, you’re already started. activation NOW! congratulations on waking up.

Kaleo. Out