The flowing reality of the world is one big perfect picture.

First held in the perfect Source mind of the creative collective,
Then held in the perfect Mind of the creative individual,
Then held in the perfect Spirit of the creative environment.

The flowing interaction between every perfect picture demands cohesive agreement between each successive level. Manifest pictorial agreement is the cohesion between successive levels. This cohesion is indeed our collective illusion become realized.

Agreement among levels is cohesion.
Cohesion is based on shared intent.

As creative source pictures pass through environmental manifestation, agreeable cohesion between the levels results in the collective creations becoming shared reality. Shared reality is the collective creative energy passing through cohesive levels where inherent agreement solidifies individual intent.

Good or bad.
Your individualized choice.
Know your intentions.

The problem with this cohesive reality picture arrives when individualized choice and personal intention is nebulous or unknown. Unattended intent is indeed the bane of our shared collective agreements. Non-awareness of intent is the spoil-sport of otherwise reality perfection.

In all the interactions between unconscious intent and its necessary creative environment, never shall the highest form realize.

Become conscious intent.
The environmentality is indeed a reflection of your individual mentality.
Be sure to check first your mind.

Please join me in this new world of the perfect illusion.

A one world illusion.