someone just asked me in private msg what I do… this is what I wrote:

I help smooth out the energetic and spiritual journey for folx who are very SERIOUS about living heaven on Earth while still in their body, in this life… on purpose. I help folx break out of their mental and physical prison to live the dream awake… with eyes wide-ass open…

HeartSpace is the action of living thru your heart FIRST and head second. It’s the basis of all our work. Most folx just live thru their head and never gain full-body consciousness and connection. They are disconnected from their true source of power and intelligence

ShadowDragon is our decisive courageous action in the integrated life. Full contact. Experimentation. Expansion. Bringing EVERYTHING to life… Using it all for powerful movement forward

Bringing together ShadowDragon and HeartSpace is how we do PrisonBreak

check out my coaching page… www.facebook.com/coachkaleo

check out the NewNormal Hour podcast page… www.facebook.com/newnormalhour

here’s how you can work with me when youre ready: www.kaleoselah.com/discovery-session/

really simple.. fill in the questionnaire for the initial session to see how much we like each other…I keep the initial session free and easy to folx dont have to think a buncha $$ crap before taking action… Im all about taking courageous decisive action and seeing the opportunity in everything that comes thru life. that’s pretty much it…