“doing the work” and “doing your shit” means taking the good feelings along with the bad. or as we say where I come from… taking the “bad” feelings and making them “good”… the quotes are there cuz there is no inherent “good” or “bad” in this or any other world. the practice of spiritual alchemy is about moving the lower inner vibration to a higher inner vibration, which means that we must first discover the lower (negative, destructive) vibration and grab hold of it and use what we have learned to make it useful (positive, generative).

changing your vibration requires changing your perspective in the moment you recognize the lower (negative, bad) vibration running thru you. as we practice inner alchemy shadow work, we encourage our inner unconsiousness to revel itself and make it conscious. we drill down into the unstable darkness and find unknown stuff to make useful and stable.

the potential energy of concealed destructive unconscious darkness becomes the activated energy of revealed constructive conscious light… this is the enlightenment process in action… this is the natural learning process in a nutshell. this is what we do when we are being fully human.

you know how it’s done…you’ve done it unconsciously and automatically it many many times before. all good in the comic hood that knows its own strength to transform itself for the better. always. in all ways