Torsion fields are real life...

My name is Kaleo Selah. I am a master practitioner of life, and I am an emerging extra-sensory spiritual being who loves to learn and teach. My passion is to know my spiritual path by intimately experiencing what the human condition offers in each moment of life, and applying my practice in each moment. As a devout student of both the physical and non-physical world, I am engaged in knowing what there is to know and seeing what there is to see. Relying on all of my senses and conscious of my higher self, I participate in life fully aware of what causes and alleviates pain and suffering for human beings.

In my former life as a highly-competitive athlete and technology and banking executive, I felt the loss of my soul-connectedness with each rung I climbed up the competitive ladder. Looking carefully at my lavish materially-greedy world, at age 30 I decided to leave what I had created in search of a self-realized life. Leaving the material world cost me my business, my money, my marriage, my closest friends, and most importantly, direct contact with my children.

Folks closest to me called me insane, attempted to have me institutionalized, and forcibly removed themselves from my life. I found myself alone in my world of self-love. I was suspended between the trapezes of life with no one to catch my fall.

Instinctively and abruptly, I had made the tough decision based on the faith that my soul and personal happiness is infinitely more important than all these things I had acquired through competition. I have never looked backwards since that day, and I am be-coming more whole each magical day that passes. The decision I made at age 30 was to create a new world of love and compassion to replace the world of fear and competition. I knew that the only way to love and care for the world is for me to first love and care for myself. This is how I show my children and the world that I am serious about love.

Never again will I hide myself from the world. Loving me first is a basic universal teaching that leads directly to taking personal responsibility for what I create. This is the self-love legacy of faith-based abundance that I intentionally leave for my loving children and future generations. Transformation and love and wonderment are what I am. This is my gift to the world.

Simple in theory. Difficult in practice.

My life’s work is about helping people understand that love, compassion, abundance, and self-realization is available to everyone. My system of Spiritual Alchemy is founded on the ages-old Truth that says: “Changing your reality is as simple as changing your belief system.”

As a soul-centered life coach and business advisor, I get business, personal and family clients to see life in a little different way. I help take away the limiting mindset that society has demanded. I help give a little light in areas where there is the illusion of lesser-light or darkness.

The world programs us in particular ways. We automatically erect boundaries and we usually don’t know why we feel so disconnected. Sometimes we can see how this is done. But most times the root beliefs are buried under self-generated illusions of separateness and resistance.

What is Spiritual Alchemy?

Life is comprised of a series of lessons that I call Earth School. Recognizing in each moment the opportunity to exercise transformative principles is the essence of free will, human choice, and learning from life’s experiences. Transforming each of life’s experience into a discovery session is the essence of Spiritual Alchemy.Spiritual Alchemy instruction begins by exploring the realms of knowledge, mind, and the associated human behaviors that fit w/ each realm:

A. What You Know You Know (Ego, smallest realm, competence, comfort zone, confidence, preconceived notions, controlling / fight reptilian mindset)

A(i). What you know you know, what you thought you knew, that later turned out to NOT be true

B. What You Know You Don’t Know (Shadow, larger realm, fear, darkness, incompetence, chaos, fleeing / frightened reptilian mindset)

C. What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know (Soul / Self, wonderment, largest realm, mystery, discovery, courage, universal eternity, creation, morphic field realities, God-self mindset, divine awareness)

The remaining life-experience based instruction is about learning to recognize the C realm where the mysteries of life are and how to access it for daily life application. Using the C realm, one can validate what they know (A realm) and eventually learn to completely bypass the fear (B realm). This is how Spiritual Alchemy practitioners learn to become active co-creators in each moment of their lives.

There are several ways of accessing the C realm. Meditation, intuition, prayer, NLP, labyrinth, silence, and observation to name a few. This is how universal discovery and miracles really work in real life. This is where practitioners can create the reality they really want – soul-based at a higher vibration instead of ego reactions that live at base, lower vibrations. This is how I share morphic field realities with students and clients.

Using universal ageless-wisdom as the teaching basis, it is possible to apply Spiritual Alchemy in all areas of life. I have brought this all into a simplified framework that has worked for a lot of folks over the past 25+ years:

– Soul impressions – relies on harnessing alchemical resonance through subtle energy consciousness

– Zero-time reality – in the moment living

– Power of Silence and Observation and Boundaries in living a self actualized life

– Superconsciousness reality that shows the difference between living life of constant competition (energy limiting, scarcity thinking) or through love and compassion (energy sustaining, abundance)

– Paradigm breaking techniques

The conscious decision to accept the journey to Self discovery, embrace ambiguity, and enhance energetic awareness can be the single best experience we’ll ever know. Taking the time to re-member the way of compassion in place of competition produces rewards that are instantly verifiable and eternally present.

Whether your particular concerns are of a business or personal path, it’s all the same. Seeing past the illusions of self-defeat and limitation is a critical skill that each one of us will master. This path of re-membering is shared by all.

You hear this. You understand these words.Your knowing tells the Truth. You can re-member how to do this.You know why this is important to you at this time of your life.

Universal teachings in Spiritual Alchemy instruct fellow practitioners how to navigate the realities of life while standing in the light of inner prosperity and abundance. Fear cannot live where love abides. Discovering the natural state of self-love and happiness can become habits learned over time. We are not the scared, fear-based creatures of habit that we’ve been programmed to believe.

What does getting in touch with your non-conditioned self mean to you?Have you ever noticed your surroundings for the first time?How does it feel to live dreams, accept paradox and witness miracles?What are the self-generated myths that define who you think you are?What role does personal happiness play in your daily decision making?

We have entered the era where modern science agrees with Ageless Wisdom. Life is what we make of it. Our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, others and our surroundings literally create the reality that each of us experiences.

As a seasoned coach who was formerly blinded by material wealth and personal comfort, I help organizations, teams, and individuals see the bigger picture of what is possible. I exist as a third-party observer, serving as a mirror into the universe that is you. Whatever experience reveals is what is.

My own life training has been heavily experiential and holistic. This basis allows me to convey real-life, workable, customized methods to help clients find deeper meaning through moment-by-moment self discovery. You will re-member how and when to teach yourself to open doors and break through self-limiting illusions.

Picture this: You are programmed no more. At once, fulfilling daily actions, directed intentions and meaningful interactions become the experimental playground for your self-expressed realities. Living life becomes living a dream.

Do you believe this vision of life is possible? How does it feel to see yourself now?Are you ready to begin or advance your inner journey for increased happiness, purpose, and effectiveness?

Transforming this vision into reality is within your grasp right now…

“If you want to get the same results, just keep thinking the same way.

The only way to see what you can’t see is to look outside the box”