Q: Kaleo, can you please explain what you mean when you say dragon? Is everyone a dragon or just some people? How can I become a dragon?

A: Everyone is born with a dragon companion. Everyone has dragon energy inside their body. At birth, most humans are separated from their dragon companion. This is when humans become vulnerable to programming and socialisation techniques created by those who want to enslave humans for their own purposes. Once a human loses its dragon companion, life on Earth becomes very dangerous. Earth becomes a prison. Once born and separated from dragon energy, humans are trapped… Helpless prey with no awareness of what’s REALLY happening on this planet.

The human journey is the Journey to Dragon. Each of us is on an individual adventure taking us to the Land of Wonderment. Behind the Veil. Within The Great Infinite Beyond. This is Dragon Land. Dragon energy rules All from here.

Every step of your life is designed to get you closer to your dragon. Reuniting you with your dragon is my job. It’s the way of the Shining Ones who have always been here. We are the Bringers, seeding energy throughout dimensions. Bringing Chaos as Creation with each deliberate experimental breath. We take ALL. We need No-Thing.

Mass consciousness is Sheep. Looking for something to follow

Then Sheep graduate to Bulls. Looking for something to destroy

Then Bulls graduate to Sharks. Looking for something to eat

A mature Shark must release everything based on threat, survival and comfort to consciously intentionally die to be reborn as a dragon egg

The dragon egg incubated in fire. Lava. Molten earth. This is the mandatory Phoenix fire stage that brings all dragons to life

Once a dragon hatches itself outta the fire egg, it’s ready for the world. Experimentation and self-responsibility is all it knows. It is immortal. Indestructible. Completely prepared for everything within its conscious adventure as Living Mystery. The Path incarnate. Passion in action. Full engagement. Full interaction. No boundaries. No borders. No rules. No authority. No worries. Everything is useful for the dragon who lives his own value expressed. Inside. Out. No hesitation. Fear or doubt. Everything consumed… just for fun

Reuniting with your dragon is the work we do together. It’s the hardest most rewarding work available on this and every other dimension. Bringing our work to life means intentionally integrating dragon training into EVERY part of your waking and sleeping life. There is no break. No separation. No quarter. Everything is fair game. There are no rules. Just evidence and results. We have no reason to care HOW you do it… You simply HAVE TO do it…

Deep shadow work is your dragon front door. When you go deeper, your dragon comes closer. This is very serious work that allows no shortcuts or workarounds. The only way to Dragon is thru your Living Hell. Real life. Experience. No joke. All fun…. Doing things your momma told you not to do… Yeah, I’m the guy they warned you about.

Show em who’s Boss. Ready rock!