I will briefly share a simple, powerful way of accessing your intuition and releasing the intelligence from this painful energy.

find your pain inside your body. locate it somewhere in your solar plexus, below your sternum. put your non-writing hand on it and ask this question out loud: “I wonder what you are here to teach me about myself.” leave a gap of silence after you ask the question and allow your intuition to deliver the message from your pain.

in the gap of intentional inner silence SOMETHING will emerge… either a voice or an image or a set of words or full motion video… something will show up that is NOT coming from your brain.

once you perceive the emerging new intelligence, IMMEDIATELY speak or describe it in detail out loud EXACTLY as it was delivered to you. this lets your pain-friend know that you are indeed connected and listening and registering what it has to say.

use the new intelligence with your intuitive insight to develop more questions and get more answers in the same simple fashion. hand on your solar plexus, ask your new “I wonder..” question, allow inner silence, perceive whatever emerges.

as each new stream of intelligence emerges, your pain will dissipate until it is gone. this is how we use the energy of pain in our healing work. when you do this with decisive action and clarity of intention to honor and connect with your pain, you immediately transform it into useful intelligence.

this is spiritual alchemy in action. this is dragon basix. it really works. every time. perfect process… it merely takes practice and letting go of thinking “how does this work”. there is no wrong way to do this so dont worry about messing it up.

this is the basic “I wonder…” tool that is the basis of our science of silence deep shadow work. once you get the hang of it, yo’ll find it useful for any life situation that causes discomfort, confusion or uncertainty.

let me know if you want more help with this. and above all else, HAVE FUN! Our work is tough enough without your needless suffering making it any tougher.