Bringing our perspective of opportunity, expansion and openness to our perfect universe, it is plain to see that no one needs to be any different than they are. However anyone’s path opens them to internal opportunity is their perfect part of our perfect universe.

Collective consciousness comes at the price of each doing their own part, playing their own role, leading their own charge, transmitting their own learned lessons. I will never force a person to believe in the perfection of their own deepest experience. I will never force another to learn lessons that do not attract them. This is something no one can do for another.

Learning lessons requires playing this game of life with reckless abandon and with full-awareness of universal perfection. The evidence is plain and clear when meaning and judgment subside.

Natural willingness to apply learning is an impulse no one can teach another. It must come from the feeling-connected source inside. The struggle comes alive when we know in advance that others cause themselves pain thru otherwise avoidable self-defeating thought and action.

Your source is the cause.
Always within Presence.
Forever without Projection.
Silence. Perfection. Unconditional. Now <3