Q: Hi Kaleo, a question for the DPC page. As the electricians of our own lives.On the metaphor of the closed circuit, referred to by Alan watts in one of his lectures. That being that any electrical circuit does not run at all until its destination point is closed.

If this is true for all human action that would mean that anything running in our life efficiently, good or bad has a destination (closure point) locked in thus why the energy flow is free flowing. Likewise, anything that is not flowing correctly must not have a closed destination in mind. This must mean that:

-A circuit that flows has a destination point
-A circuit that does not flow does not
-if the closure point is incorrect the energy does not flow
-Redirection of energy requires a replacement end point

When the awareness of open and closed circuits is present and certain changes are required to effect immediate change; how do you go about creating a solid path of flow and what questions do you ask to incite a fast and effective change?

A: I’m glad you’re paying attention here my man. This is super-critical to understand and experience fully. Critical for our work… And good thing it’s REALLY REALLY simple.

The beginning and end points are the same. Any complete circuit MUST originate AND terminate at the same point or else it’s not a complete circuit.

The correct beginning and endpoint is inside you. The incorrect beginning and endpoint is outside you.

In order to manage and complete your energy circuit, you MUST generate all your energy and attention from within yourself AND bring all of your
generated energy back into yourself.

This is how you become the self-directed torsion/torus field that automatically regenerates itself. This is what we mean by living as a fully-responsible human. All energetic entities must do this in order to live.

This is the infinite loop described by both science and mystics. Universal animation generated, directed AND sustained by the creator/user of energy. Super magic stuff here that works wonders. This circuit is the basis of all healing and manifestation. Completing your circuit is the first step to becoming Natural SuperHuman.

You are the originator of all your energy and action. You are the one who does and thinks and behaves. Whatever you experience, YOU yourself are the ONLY CONSTANT POINT… So that means wherever you are, YOU are the one in charge of your energy flow. Your circuit begins inside you and ends inside you. It can work no other way.

When you look outside yourself for the source of energy, you confuse your internal energy with mis-direction. This is what we mean by “giving your energy away”. You leak your energy when you try to locate the source outside yourself.

The only thing you control is your energy circuit. The only one who can complete it is you. You are 100% in charge of completing your circuit. If you don’t complete it, you leak it out thru mis-directed chaos. Then you die thinking SOMEONE stole your energy.

This is the root of our self-responsibility work. This is basic mandatory practice for dragon training.

So keep it simple. Bring EVERYTHING back inside yourself and see what happens. The change is dramatic and immediate and permanent. It feels good cuz you’re not wasting your energy looking out there for anything to energize you or direct your energy. This is how you become master of your energy. It all begins and ends inside YOU. Inside you is where all the action resides.

PrisonBreak Shadow Dragon basix. You’re doing it right now… How does it feel…?