Achieving an internal constitution that is no longer beholden to external forces, peace of mind is the enlightenment Holy Grail. Peace of mind is the starting place of living a life that matters.

Once you have achieved peace of mind, what comes next?

Putting your hard-earned peace of mind to work is the path to living a life that matters. But instead of working for your own personal comfort, safety and achievement, the enlightened mindset focuses on helping others in a new and universally beneficial way.

A most-huge difference becomes apparent when helping others from the enlightened mindset. As the new conscious way of helping eclipses the old, enlightened support is decidedly non-codependent. The new way, instead, relies on the re-assigned ego and intellect to serve others as we have learned to serve ourselves. Above all else and exclusively, the enlightened helper becomes a trustworthy vehicle for highest consciousness and self-mastery.

Inside and out.
Above and below.
For ourself and another.

Armed with the super-conscious mind, you are now prepared to face reality and help the world become its fullest potential. Do your part and encourage others to do their part. It works only when we do it.

As I do for myself, I shall do for the World.

Encouraging the world to live for itself is trusting the world to know and love itself. The focus in helping others in this new way is a realization of the maxim “selfish gratitude for All”. Seeing divinity in all interactions eliminates victim/savior/victimizer patterns now and forever. Focusing on “being while doing” brings the enlightened mind squarely into the moment where love and truth become eternally available.

Peace of mind in action.
Is All perfect.