Q: Kaleo, what does it mean to help yourself so you can help others?

A: You will NEVER be able to help anyone else if you can’t FIRST help yourself. To use the overused airplane analogy AGAIN… You have to put in your oxygen mask before helping others simply because if you can’t breathe, you’ll freak out and cause unnecessary commotion. And eventually you’ll just die…

A freak-out idiot hellbent on death and destruction can’t possibly help anyone do anything… Throw that fool off if you ever see ’em. No good for anyone

So what EXACTLY does it mean to help yourself? Simple… It means learning to STOP… OBSERVE… then ADJUST your perspective to Absolute Opportunity. Only when you learn this three-step process can you EVER help yourself by dissolving problems

Your Absolute Opportunity perspective dissolves every problem. Instant. Automatic. On-contact

As you practice this three-step process, people around you will notice a change in you. Your energy will rise. Your subtle vibration will become more powerful. Your patterns of behaviour and speech will become more direct. In short, you will become a better version of yourself and your environment will respond accordingly. Naturally. Effortlessly. Automatically

Cleaning up your inner world automatically cleans your environment. As inside, so outside. As you help yourself dissolve your pervasive problem perspective AND develop your Absolute Opportunity perspective, you naturally help others while cleaning yourself

You become an agent of Permanent Service. Your intention to clean your own energy system serves to clean everything within your energetic connection. This is how you become in service to All. This is why focusing FIRST AND FOREMOST on your own inner process is the best thing you can ever do to support our NewNormal Now

This is where we begin. Inside. Out