tears will always come and go. it’s the lessons they leave behind that matters most. today, right now you have me. tomorrow you have yourself. our method is to form you as a truly complete individual who can manage her own physical manifestations on her own. there is no middle ground with our work… there is no wriggle room. you MUST be able to handle these things… these interactions on your own as you know yourself and your capacities for turmoil. the external world is your playground…. and you MUST remember that it is there for YOU. our work together demands a certain willingness and fortitude and commitment to SELF ALIGNMENT that is completely and solely up to you. this is the reality behind self-responsibility… this is the power behind our science of silence training…. this is the strength of our dragon path. once you know yourself as self-reliant, you will NOT need me anymore. once you have declared your own victory in this battle, your General will go on to other battles. there are many many many more folx out there who need the guidance I offer.

your self-reliance and self-direction is the key to your freedom. doing this for yourself, first, and for any others, second, is the key to making this transmutation happen. it is the key to allowing yourself make the changes in the minute details of your life come alive. inch-by-inch it’s a cinch…. only when you look at the miles ahead of you will you falter. each step of the marathon of life is taken by the One who knows her own current step. there is NO PLAN…. there is NO PATH… there is NO FUTURE. just get this into your head and allow all else to fall away.

you ability to allow yourself is your ability to FEEL life inside you. there is no substitute for feeling life rushing thru you. this is an inside game played by players who have already One… so in this perceptive, you have already won. so play the game as hard and fast and loosely as you can… cuz being loose is the key to playing this game. for real. for goodness… expansion is the only thing that wins. playing the game of expansion means loosening the reigns on EVERYTHING that would constrict you. this is OUR game and we play it well. any loser-ass bumboklats or bush-ranggers who come around…. well, they gotta pay. dearly. no joke!

this is our way. and we play for keeps. dragon