when considering charka work or any path of self-development, the law of attraction and resonance will always run the show. all self-development work is governed by self-selection, resonance, attraction… all aspects of the universal glue called allurement. while many may casually show initial interest in a highly-energetic and volatile practice,only folx who vibrate at a certain level will actually choose to engage and move forward with such a challenging practice.

self-selection is a natural process where free will and personal choice become the activators for each individual along their unique life path. simple curiosity in a practice does not necessarily lead to active engagement. active engagement does not necessarily lead to follow-through, dedication or achievement. follow-through, dedication and achievement will never lead to completion.

the practice of practice is the practice of life. always and forever. spiraling ever-upward. free will and choice directed by allurement and resonance always show up on each person’s the path to self-direction. self-direction based in free-will and choice is the only truth along the self-development path. if someone is not first self-directed, then they will always only do what is popular, safe and comfortable. they will always be closed to their inner self-directed truth, rather looking outside themselves for guidance and direction. this is the externally-focused path of sheeple and fear-worshipers, always directed by “others who know best” and focused primarily on stories of survival, threat and protection.

this closed-minded fear-based path is NOT the chosen path of galactic dragon warriors of light. we dragon warriors choose to do the tough stuff on purpose… every time… and we go out in search of discomfort and pain and challenge… for this warrior path is not a path of simple survival. ours is a self-directed, winner-take-All path of ascension and spiritual truth. there are no compromises or distractions available. ever.

galactic dragon warriors chase down the cowardly stories of fear, threat
and protection and slay them wherever they cower. we drink the poison blood of fear and transform its rancid flesh into life-giving truth. for the illumination and betterment of All.

immortal is our being.

consciousness is what we do.


facing the impotent darkness and activating it for our self-directed higher purposes. under all circumstance… loss and pain and hate and fear run for cover where abundance and pleasure and love and truth reign supreme. there is no hiding from us. we always win.

we are the galactic brotherhood of love, light and life. we faithfully serve the universe through the power of selfish gratitude for All.

self-direction is living a life of no-fear. it is the path of all champions. it is available to All. your choice.

DN8v.3 is self-directed initiation.