Q: How do you transform Fear into Love, Kaleo?

A: quantum physics has proved that the observer of energy can alter the energy according to the observer’s intention. in spiritual alchemy, we learn to use the power of observation and intention to transform lower-vibrating(negative) energy into higher-vibrating energy (positive). allowing the experimenter to “remove” him/herself from the experiment allows for an optimal “observe perspective”. moving from a participant perspective to an observer perspective effectively delivers the observer to a “higher/absolute” dimension where “lower/relative” duality rules can be manipulated. this observer perspective is a primary benefit of “transcending duality” which is the goal of all higher spiritual practice, meditation and happiness.

the higher your practice delivers you, the closer you come to the “true absolute” perspective where everything is constant and “no-thing” is finally realized. the possibility of reaching this “true absolute” and “highest of high” perspective must be anchored solidly in the practitioner’s belief system in order to become realized. there is significant evidence available that realization of this highest perspective is indeed achievable to humans. stories of “all-knowing and all-seeing” mystics abound in even the most critical scientific journals. the “god perspective is indeed real for anyone who is dedicated to developing an experientially-based life integration and expansion practice. this is indeed where human beings have arrived in the current evolutionary enlightenment process.

exciting stuff to say the least!

in the manifest physical world of duality (positive vs. negative / opposites), the laws of energy say that polarity is relative never absolute. if either exist at all in the straight-line experiential continuum, what we experience as “love” contains traces of “fear” and vice versa. there is no “absolute love” and there is no “absolute fear”. at each extreme of the love/fear pole and all along the experiential continuum, recognizing the opportunity for love is inherent in recognizing the opportunity for fear. this is how we can “fear the loss of the love we have found”.

transforming fear into love is therefore a standardized process of objectively recognizing (realizing) the element of love that is found in all fear-based experiences. this standardized recognition process focuses available creative energy on the part of the fear experience that you want, while taking energy away from the part that you dont want. the process of intentionally focusing your energy on “what’s already there” draws the energetic continuum toward the desired pole and brings with it the corresponding experience.

this is the absolute (unchangeable) process of attention/attraction/attachment that underlies all energetic laws of the universe. this is the power of allurement that drives all manifestation in the world of duality.

quantum transformation of this sort is what humans were designed to do. period. unfortunately, the narrow allowances of post-shamanic society and standardized (easy) education have served to decrease our most potent creative abilities. we have been systematically dumbed-down to fit a lazy world-view that literally steals our truest creative power that is in fact our ONLY creative power, soul power.

true “absolute” powers of creativity, transformation and manifestation belong to the soul that knows its own power. this is the purpose of consciousness-in-life and the single-focused practice. erroneously focusing on creature comforts and “mine/yours” victimization has no place in the practice of a life that matters. it is our choice – each of us must make the choice alone and permanently at some point of this evolution.

killing the soul kills the power. that is civilization’s biggest mistake. giving the soul power away for death-based rewards of a broken system is humanity’s biggest tragedy. we have not yet seen the largest part of the price we pay for our continued ignorance of what really matters most.

I have faith that we will learn to turn it all around one way or another. readers ask yourself this fundamental question:

“I wonder what is my role in this evolutionary transition process.”

personalized evidence of this transition will show you the answers. no thinking required to know how to live a life that matters.

it’s each of our j-o-b to transform fear into love everywhere, always and with all possible power…. as if your life depends on it.